Non-Recipe: Bag-Bag


So, I’m trying to organize my life and do some spring cleaning, and I’ve just been keeping all my extra plastic bags in a giant Duane Reade bag, which works, but it’s very bulky and not attractive at all, so I decided to make a bag-bag! It was super easy, too!!

You need:
1 canvas bag
14 inches of thin elastic
a sewing machine / thread and needle / fabric glue / hot glue / staples (just something that will make cloth stick together)

Cut the bottom of the bag so that it’s open. Fold over 1 inch of fabric from the open bottom, and pin in place. Sew near the edge (or glue/staple) so that you leave a track of at least 3/4 inch. Make sure to not go all the way around so you have a spot to thread the elastic. Cut the elastic in half, and thread it all the way through the track you created. An easy way to do this is to use one safety pin to hold the end of the elastic at the opening and a second attached to the threading end of the elastic as a needle. Tie off the ends with a few knots once you’ve made it all the way around.

Check out the top of the bag. It should have a hem around the top a lot like the one you just made. Use a seam ripper or cuticle nippers to take out a few stitches in the hem and thread the other piece of elastic through in the same way. Now ball up some plastic bags, throw them in, and hang up your bag! You’re able to pull baggies out of the bottom and add more to the top whenever you have them. Hooray!!

Note: that bag is a total liar. I tried to switch to wind power, but they don’t offer it in my neighborhood. They gave me the bag anyway.