WHEW! Welcome to my blog, y’all!

Well, after posting pictures and recipes on Facebook for ages, I figured I’d start a blog where I can post just my kitchen adventures. I guess my Facebook albums will now just be full of cat pictures. Oh, well.

At any rate, I’m going to post all my recipes, be they good or bad, on here. I’ll try to take better photos of my meals, and maybe I’ll even record a video or two. If there’s any meal in particular that you know I make well (or that you’d like to see me struggle through), I am more than happy to post the recipe and my own snarky comments here. Also, if any of you try out my recipes for yourselves and want to share the results here, please do! It’ll stroke my ego in the most delightful way.

Oh, just a couple of notes on my cooking philosophy and taste. I very rarely measure anything unless I’m doing a new baked recipe. Most of the stove top recipes are estimates at best, so if you don’t like one of the ingredients, add with caution, because I might have said “tablespoon” when I actually meant “teaspoon.” I also tend to cook with what I have around. You’ll see a lot of trends with spices or veggies based on what I have and like, obvi, so you can do that, too. Don’t like scallions? Use shallots instead! Vegetarian? Use a miso or vegetable broth instead of beef! I’m all about adapting recipes for your own taste, since most of these are bastardizations of family recipes or things I saw briefly online. Anywho, I hope you enjoy!


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